Joe Boyd – white bicycles

With music books, generally if you’ve read one you’ve read them all. Most musicians are not writers – though it would’ve been great to read Jim Morrison’s autobiography- they rely on shadow writers to fill in the blanks (and there are usually plenty of blanks to fill in), they don’t have the full musical creation picture and usually can’t explain well, how the music and songs come together.

Joe Boyd is a producer and he can. He articulates the techniques of producing great songs back n the day and explains how today’s modern production technology and personal listening devices water down the rich layers of sound, leaving us with much less of the great stuff that went in- a blander version of the original, a bit like generic brand supermarket products.

He will tell you stories about the blues, touring with greats like Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, early Pink Floyd, just missing out on signing great bands including Pink Floyd (and Abba), owning and running ‘the’ club in London (The UFO) in the swinging sixties, east end gangsters, Bob Dylan and the birth of live rock (he was there), the battle of acoustic v electric, insightful cultural and societal commentary on the sixties and today, scientology & conversion techniques, dueling banjoes … and yes there’s plenty of sex, drugs and rock n roll (and hippy folk music). An absolute great read!   JD



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