Walter Trout, Jared James Nichols, Queens Hall, Edinburgh, 22 October 2016

You don’t know what you’ve got til its gone so the song goes and you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you live it.

I warmed up in The Dog House- an eclectically decorated pub complete with real matching bulldog- before making my way to Queens Hall, an intimate venue in the middle of Edinburgh. The former church (1823) has a capacity of 900 and wasn’t tested tonight.

The Jared James Nichols band warmed up. They performed a set of about six songs and left you wanting much more. I would’ve been happy listening to them all night. A nice combination of big guitar sound, blues and a voice on some songs approaching the high octaves of Axel Rose.

JJN grew up near Wisconsin Alpine Valley Amphitheatre, the site of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s final show before his premature death in a helicopter crash. At age 15 JJN apparently used to sneak up there and riff out for hours channeling the spirit of Stevie- we could all do with a bit of that. Check out

Like Keith Richards says there is nothing like “being in The Room”; internet clips don’t do any musician real justice.

I hadn’t been in a small British / Scottish venue before and you really get a feeling of what it would have been like back in the 50s and 60’s listening to the Stones, Beatles or American bluesmen.

Sadly, the crowd was probably largely the same people that were going back in the day – there would have been probably less than ten people under forty.

I’d only heard Walter Trout on the net before but he has a big rep and raps. He didn’t disappoint playing a good mix of rock and blues and filling the room with the bewitching sound of steel stringed guitars thumping out a big blue rhythm. Guys like Walter are dying off way too fast and it’s a privilege to hear them when you can.

It was a nice old school touch too talking to JJN bass player Eric Sandin in the foyer and buying the JJN CD Old Glory and the Wild Revival and having him sign it.

Walter shared his stories of meeting and being inspired to play by BB King and re-learning the guitar after he was close to death. His intense near death experience resulted in some new unique and powerful blues songs. Almost gone but the blues keep me hanging on…




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