Black Sabbath, Abu Dhabi 29 May 2014

Not knowing much about Black Sabbath except for Ozzy Osbourne from the reality TV show I was nt expecting too much from them, except maybe some good loud guitar. I was mightily surprised. They were great. They were more rock than heavy metal. Tony Iommi on lead guitar was up there with the best I’ve seen and Tommy Clufetos on drums was fantastic. If Jesus played in a rock n roll band he would look something like Tommy. Ozzy came to life on stage. He had a real shaman-like presence. He must have been something when they were in their prime. There is no substitute for seeing a band live. No matter how good your speakers are, you are listening to a copy of the original and maybe a copy of a copy of a copy. Something really doctored by sound technicians is even further away from the real music. You only really get the big sound and the power of musicians and their magic when you are in the room (and you can feel the big bass bouncing off your stomach). Rock on!



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