Life & Curves

There is nothing surer than life is meant to be lived in a curve, for surely following a straight line ends in madness.

Take the curve Brothers and Sisters.                    JD


Melody, it was a second name…

I don’t remember exactly when I bought Black and Blue, but it was the first Stones album I remember after hearing the collections and hits. It struck me like a revelation, Brothers and Sisters, that music could sound so rich and deep, layers upon layers, with funky horns and Billy Preston’s magic fingers on the keyboard. On Memory Motel you could imagine yourself travelling in the Stones tour bus along barren endless roads, hung over and tired. On Melody, well when your over 18, she’s just the kind o’ girl you want to meet every time you hit the bars…

THE ROLLING STONES: “melody”, 1976
del álbum “BLACK & BLUE”, 1976

David Bowie

Unfortunately, with increasing regularity I am marking my life with the passing of great musicians. At every passing we ‘experienced ones’ look back and think of our connection to the great ones and their music. Most of us mark our lives, good times, bad times and in-between with music, as we should – the great stuff is as close as most of us get now days to spiritual enlightenment. In 1983 I was 18 (which is hard enough to believe in itself) and I went to see David Bowie on his Serious Moonlight tour at Athletic Park, in Wellington. Australia didn’t lose that day.
I remember a big crowd, Mongrel Mob being less than polite in getting a circle for themselves close to the stage, a crowd of mates (only 1 girl) and lots of beer. I still have the ticket stub and concert book- Big Warren Patchet (who later went on to play a game as lock against the touring Springboks for Horowhenua) had recently broken up with his girlfriend, the lovely Lynda (who I ‘went around with’ when I was 12 for a too short a spell) claimed half of my concert book for no more than emotional reasons-I still have it Warren and you can’t have your half! There are still a few Bowie albums in my Dad’s garage at home that I will hopefully be reunited with one day, that I recall much more than the concert.
Apart from that I don’t remember much of the concert, not even one song. I guess now I have an inkling of what it would’ve been like living in the 60s, with Lucy in the sky, Woodstock and the like –Yea I was there, I cant remember much, but the movies and documentaries have filled it all in for me, I think. Thanks DB for the songs and inspiration. JD

David Bowie – Suffragette City – Live HD
Live at The Hammersmith Odeon (London) – 1973 From the Album The Rise And Full of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars