Roadhouse Sun – Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses

Discovered this guy the other day in a closing down sale in Hamdan Street….good bye Kings Recordings, my favorite store in Abu Dhabi. I must have been lost in the desert for a good while because he has been around for a long time. This is the first album I have listened to right through for a longtime and have been playing it non-stop since. It seems a bit of a contradiction that we can find kindred souls in pieces of plastic…best 1 Dirham I ever spent.

Roadhouse Sun – Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses


Life & Curves

There is nothing surer than life is meant to be lived in a curve, for surely following a straight line ends in madness.

Take the curve Brothers and Sisters.                    JD

Melody, it was a second name…

I don’t remember exactly when I bought Black and Blue, but it was the first Stones album I remember after hearing the collections and hits. It struck me like a revelation, Brothers and Sisters, that music could sound so rich and deep, layers upon layers, with funky horns and Billy Preston’s magic fingers on the keyboard. On Memory Motel you could imagine yourself travelling in the Stones tour bus along barren endless roads, hung over and tired. On Melody, well when your over 18, she’s just the kind o’ girl you want to meet every time you hit the bars…

THE ROLLING STONES: “melody”, 1976
del álbum “BLACK & BLUE”, 1976